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Our Team

Our setting is run by a board of Trustees who are made up from parents of children who attend the setting.

They employ a manager to oversee the day to day running of the setting, her name is Katie York. 

We have a deputy manager Charmaine Murray who also oversees the care in Daisy room. 

Each of the rooms have a room lead, Sian Walker leads Green room, Alayne Standinger leads Blue room and Savanna Holms leads Yellow room. 


Daisy room                   -  Martina Mountney, Laura Dobbs, Amy Denahy 

Green room staff        - Nicci Flude, Jen Tennant

Blue room staff           - Ewa Kaminska, Ryan Murray 

Yellow room                 - Emma Flynn, Donna Rosser, Kim Cornell, Rose Matthews

Bank staff                      - Lydia Rowe, Luli Rechi, Roxanne Ward, Dylan Mendez Scott  

Setting senco               - Kim Lawry 

Setting Managers       - Lucy Denahy and Charmaine Murray 

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